Long Arm Cylinder Bed Extra Heavy Duty Compound Feed Lockstitcher

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SKU: GA2688-L

A 37 inch long arm cylinder bed compound feed lockstitch machine for extra heavy duty work. The Japanese made large shuttle hook and large bobbin capacity offer high efficiency and ease of operation. The bobbin winder is on the top of the head for easy access and the presser foot lift is adjustable up to 20 mm (.8 inches). A specially designed pedestal stand makes sewing and material handling less burdensome. It can be used in the manufacture of such products as golf bags, filters, safety bags, cases, gymnastic mats and similar bulky heavy duty articles.


Highlead GA2688-L
Max Sewing Speed 800 r.p.m.
Stitch length 0-11 mm
Needle bar stroke 56 mm
Thread take-up lever stroke 96 mm
Presser foot lift By hand 13 mm
by knee 20 mm
Bed size in dia. 81 mm
Needle Size DY x 3 26 #
Shuttle Hook KSP-204N
Lubrication Manual
Motor 550W Clutch motor 1400 r.p.m.