Heavy Duty Compound Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine

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This horizontal large hook machine with built in safety clutch is specially designed for heavy weight fabric and leather at an attractive price. It uses a combination of feed dog, needle and walking presser foot (compound feed) to make sewing on heavy weight fabrics and material easy. Its powerful feeding system, wider presser foot stroke and higher presser foot lift as well as longer stitch length make it an excellent choice in the manufacture of bags, luggage, sofa cushions, boxing gloves, and similar products.

Model GC0618-1-D2 is available as an automatic undertrimming machine for those seeking increased
productivity with additional functions.


Highlead GC0618-1
Model GC0618-1 GC0618-1SC GC0618-1-D1 GC0618-1-D2
Max Sewing Speed 2000 rpm
Stitch length 0-10 mm
Needle bar stroke 35 mm
Presser Foot Walking presser foot
Presser foot lift By hand 8 mm
by knee 14 mm
Thread take-up mode Sliding bar take-up
Thread take-up stroke 71.5 mm
Needle DP x 17 22# – 24 #
Feed Dog Single Row
Hook Double capacity hook Large hook for trimmer
Safety Clutch Device
Auto Trimmer
Auto Needle Positioning ✓k;
Lubrication Manual
Motor 370W Clutch Motor Speed adj. motor
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