Single Needle Long Arm Cylinder Bed Heavy Duty Compound Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine with Trimmer

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SKU: GC0668-D

This model is a new product of Highlead heavy duty lockstitch sewing machine series. It is designed with compound feed mechanism for powerful feeding, automatic lubrication for smooth and durable running, high performance servo motor and control system for multiple sewing modes of automatic thread trimming, automatic backtacking, automatic bartacking, etc. The alternating presser foot can be switched instantly at pre-set points for difficult sewing materials and difficult sewing sections. It is available for stitching leather and canvas for bag, trunk, sofa cushion, etc.


Highlead GC0668-D
Max. sewing speed 2000 r.p.m.
Stitch length 0-8 mm
Needle bar stroke 34.2 mm
Presser foot lift By hand 6 mm By knee 13 mm
Needle size DP x 17 22#
Rotating hook Large hook for trimmer
Lubrication Auto lubricated
Motor 220V550W Servo motor
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