Twin-Needle High Speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine

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This two needle, needle feed lock stitch series is an automatically lubricated machine with two vertical axis rotating hooks and a sliding bar thread take up. The synchronization of the needle bar and feed dog assures even stitching and prevents the materials that are being sewn from shifting. A knob type stitch regulator and a lever type reverse feeding mechanism allows for easy operation. The arm shaft and hook shaft are supported by ball bearings and together with the drive belt and plunger pump lubrication system quiet and smooth operation is easily maintained.

Available in standard size (Model GC20518-M) and large capacity hooks (Model GC20518-B) it is used in the manufacture of shirts, uniforms, overalls, women's inner wear, and jeans.

For those seeking additional functions and increased productivity model numbers GC20518-M-D and GC20518-B-D are available as undertrimming machines.


Highlead GC20518
Model GC20518-M GC20518-M-D GC20518-B GC20518-B-D
Application Light to medium heavy weight Medium heavy weight
Max Sewing Speed 4000 r.p.m. 3000 r.p.m.
Stitch length 0-5 mm 0-7 mm
Needle bar stroke 33.4 mm 35 mm
Presser foot lift By hand 7 mm
by knee 13 mm
Needle Size DP x 5
11 #-14#
DP x 5
18 #-22#
Rotating Hook Standard vertical-axis hook with self-lubrication Auto Lubricated Hook (Thread Trimming) Large hook with bobbin thread pull-back Large hook with bobbin thread pull-back (Thread Trimming)
Lubrication Auto lubricated
Auto Trimmer ✓rk;
Motor 370W Clutch motor Speed adj. motor 370W Clutch motor Speed adj. motor
Needle Gauge Standard 6.4 mm special 3.2 4 4.8 5.6 8 9.5 12.7 16 19 25.4 28.6 32 38 mm
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