Two Needle Compound Feed Split Needle Bar Lockstitch Sewing Machine

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This is a compound feed two needle large capacity hook machine in combination with a split needle bar. It incorporates ball bearings for the arm shaft and hook shaft, a drive belt and a plunger oil pump mechanism for automatic lubrication ensuring a smooth and quiet operating environment. The compound feed and split needle bar makes this machine a good choice in the sewing of multi-layer heavy weight material where corner stitching may or may not be necessary such as leather, foam plastic, and synthetic fabrics. It is used in the manufacture of car seats, fabric decoration in automobile interiors, shoe uppers of leather or synthetic leather, sports apparatus, upholstered office furniture, soft cushions, trunks and bags. Model GC20638-D is also available as an undertrimming machine for those seeking higher productivity with additional functions.


Highlead GC20638
Model GC20638 GC20638-D
Max Sewing Speed 2000 rpm
Needle bar stroke 33.4 mm
Stitch length 0-9 mm
Presser foot lift By hand 7 mm
by knee 13 mm
Needle Size DB x 17 # 23 #
Needle Gauge 8mm (Standard) 9.5 mm (Special)
Rotating Hook Auto lubricated large hook Auto lubricated large hook for trimming
Lubrication Auto lubricated
Motor 370W Clutch motor
1400 rpm
Speed adj. motor
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