Long Arm Heavy Duty Compound Feed Lockstitcher

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SKU: GC20698-2

This standard 25″ long arm machine gives a wider working space for harder to handle items. The bobbin winder on the top middle of the head makes for easy operation. Two large vertical axis hooks provide uniform stitch quality thereby allowing smooth and quiet operation with a long service life. A longer version of Model GC20618-2, it offers many of the same features in a longer machine and now comes in a 40″ version, model GC20698-2L (an industry first) as a special order. It is used to sew tents, awnings, car and truck covers, hot air balloons, sails and other large work pieces where two simultaneous rows of lock stitches are required. It is also available in an 25″ long undertrimming version model GC20698-2-D for those seeking higher productivity with added functions.


Highlead GC20698-2
Model GC20698-2 GC20698-2-D GC20698-2L
Max Sewing Speed 1800 rpm
Stitch length 0-9 mm
Needle bar stroke 36 mm
Thread Take-up Stroke 74.5 mm
Presser foot lift By hand 8 mm 16 mm
by foot 16 mm 16mm Pneumatic
Needle Size DP x 17
Needle Numbers 2
Rotating hook Large hook Large hook for trimmer Large hook
Lubrication Manually lubricated
Safety Clutch Device
Needle Gauge Standard 6.4mm special 3.2 4.8 8 9.5 12.7 16 19 25.4 31.8 mm
Motor 370W 1400rpm 220V750W Servo motor
Working Space 635 mm x 100 mm 1050 mm x 100 mm