Long Arm Heavy Duty Compound Feed Lockstitcher

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This standard 25″ long arm machine has a wider working space for harder to handle items. The bobbin winder on the top middle of the head makes for easy operation. Available as a single or twin needle machine it incorporates a large vertical axis hook (or hooks) which provide excellent stitch quality while allowing smooth and quiet operation with a long service life. A longer version of models GC20618-1 and GC20618-2 it offers many of the same features in a longer machine and now comes in a 40″ version (models GC20698-1L and GC20698-2L – an industry first) as a special order and can be used to sew tents, awnings, car and truck covers, hot air balloons, sails and other large work pieces. Models GC20698-1-D and GC20698-2-D are available as standard 25″ machines with undertrimming and added functions.


Highlead GC20698
Model GC20698-1 GC20698-1-D GC20698-1L
Max Sewing Speed 1800 rpm
Stitch length 0-9 mm
Needle bar stroke 36 mm
Thread Take-up Stroke 74.5 mm
Presser foot lift By hand 8 mm 16 mm
by foot 16 mm 16mm Pneumatic
Needle Size DP x 17
Needle Numbers 1
Rotating hook Large hook Large hook for trimmer Large hook
Lubrication Manually lubricated
Safety Clutch Device
Needle Gauge
Motor 370W 1400rpm 220V750W Servo motor
Working Space 635 mm x 100 mm 1000 mm x 100 mm
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