Cylinder Bed Basting Machine with Trimmer

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SKU: GC22818-1D

This machine is a specialized sewing equipment for garment basting. It is designed with automatic thread trimming and needle positioning by servo motor, cylindrical bed for convenient stitching on surface with are or radius as well as on material in cylinder shape. It features reliable stitching after thread trimming, convenient feeding by hand thanks to easy speed adjustment, smooth running, low noise and availability for basting on suit, coat, overcoat, etc.


Highlead GC22818-1D
Max.sewing speed 1000 r.p.m.
Stitch type 301(lockstitch)
Thread take-up lever stroke 66 mm
Needle bar stroke 39.6 mm
Presser foot lift 18 mm
Lubrication Manual
Needle size DP x 17 14# -16#
Rotating hook Hook for trimming
Bed size in dia. 76 mm
Motor 220V 550W Servo motor
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