Long Arm High Post Bed Extra Heavy Duty Compound Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine

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SKU: GC24698-5/-6

Heavy duty 20″ long arm post bed walking foot machines equipped with jumbo hooks, air foot lift and air reverse feeding. The machines are available in two single needle varieties either with the post to the right of the needle (GC24698-5R) or with the post to the left of the needle (GC24698-5L). The double needle subclass is available using model GC24698-6. These machines are useful in the construction of any product where a high lift heavy duty machine is required to sew in hard to reach areas and difficult to handle materials.


Highlead GC24698-5/-6
Model GC24698-5L GC24698-5R GC24698-6
Max sewing speed 1200 r.p.m.
Stitch length 10 mm
Needle bar stroke 47.3 mm
Presser foot lift 28mm pneumatic
Needle size DY x 3 26#
Needle gauge 19 mm (Standard), 12.7 mm (Optional)
Rotating hook Large vertical hook
Highness of post-bed 184.5 mm
Lubrication of post-bed Manual
Motor 220 V / 550 W Servo motor
Working space 508 x 335 mm