Top and Bottom Feed Chainstitch Sewing Machine

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This series is a High lead patent product. It is designed with link type feeding mechanism, needle bar thread take-up and lopper thread catching to form double chain stitches. The top and bottom feeding avoids displacement between layers efficiently and the large amount alternating presser foot make it possible to sew heavy duty materials. The fully automatic lubrication system and the fully sealed back cover prevent the machine from oil leakage. It is available for performing lap seams and decorative seams on jeans, heavy sports wears, sports apparatus, safety airbags, etc with neat, firm and elastic stitches.

GK0318-1 Single needle top and bottom feed chain stitch sewing machine.
GK0318-2 Twin-needle top and bottom feed chain stitch sewing machine.
GK0318-3 Three- needle top and bottom feed chain stitch sewing machine.


Highlead GK0318
Model GK0318-1 GK0318-2 GK0318-3
Max. sewing speed 2500 r.p.m.
Stitch length 1.4 – 8 mm
Presser foot lift By hand 6mm By knee 13 mm
Take-up lever Needle bar type
Needle size TV x 5 18# -23#
Lubrication Auto lubricated
Motor 370W Clutch motor
Needle gauge Standard 6.4 mm special 8 9.5 12.7 mm Tandem 3.2 – 3.2 mm
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