Feed-off-the Arm Sewing Machine

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A high speed two or three needle feed off the arm chain stitch machine that adopts link take up and lower loopers to produce two or three parallel rows of chain lock stitching. Ball bearings are used in all critical support areas and a drive belt is used to drive the top arm shaft and lower shaft. The loopers can be adjusted independently of one another to maximize stitching quality when using different fabrics and threads. The machine is best suited for use on light to medium heavy weight material (GK3088-2) or heavy weight material such as denim (GK3088-3B which is equipped with puller) and is used in lap seaming to join pant legs, shirt under arms and on other tubular like sewing operations. It is also well suited to sew tape inside of T-shirts and knit shirts.

GK3088-2 Twin-needle feed-off-the arm sewing machine
GK3088-3B Twin-needle feed-off-the arm sewing machine with puller.


Highlead GK3088
Model GK3088-2T GK3088-3T
Max Sewing Speed 4000 r.p.m. 3500 r.p.m.
Stitch length 1.2 – 3.2 mm 1.4 – 4.2 mm
Presser foot lift 10 mm
Needle bar stroke 28 mm
Needle gauge (Standard) 4.8 mm (Special) 6.4 mm (Standard) 6.4mm
Needle size TVx64 16# (Standard) TVx64 21# (Standard)
Lubrication Manual
Working space 173 mm
Puller device
Motor 370W Clutch motor
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