High Speed Small Flat Bed Three-Needle Interlock Chainstitcher

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Model GK600-4 is Highlead's newest style 3 needle 5 thread differential feed cylinder bed top and bottom cover stitch machine. Like flat bed model GK500-4 the machine is very smooth and quiet running being automatically lubricated by a fully sealed gear pump that circulates oil throughout the machine and its moving parts. Needle bearings and timing belts are used in critical driving positions. A silicon oil thread lubricator, needle cooler, and knob type stitch regulator are but a few of the standard features. The machine is used extensively in the construction of knit garments and is best suited for such operations as bottom hemming, collar binding, elastic waistband attaching and similar operations with small areas to join where a cylinder bed machine is better suited to facilitate material handling and ease of access.


Highlead GK600-4
GK600-4 GK600-401 GK600-402 GK600-4D
Max sewing speed 6000 r.p.m.
Stitch length 4.5 mm
Number of needle 3
Number of thread 5
Needle size UY 128GAS 9#-10#
Needle gauge Standard 5.6mm Special 6.4mm
Differnetial ratio 0.6 – 1.3mm
Presser foot lift 5.1 mm
Motor 370W Clutch motor 220V550W Servo motor
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