Electronic Button Sewer

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This machine was developed by High lead and is designed with direct drive mini servo motor control system and stepping motor driving system. By selecting pre-stored sewing modes, it can easily perform parameters setting for buttons with 2-hole/4-hole, stitch length, stitch number, bar tacking, etc. With lockstitch preventing loose stitches and unique knotting for secure stitch at start and end of sewing, it gives the machine the features of reliable button sewing quality, high availability, high efficiency and convenient operation.


Highlead GM288
Max. sewing speed 2500 r.p.m.
Stitch type Lockstitch
Stitch length 0.1 mm (0.1 mm step)
Sewing area 6.4 x 6.4 mm
Needle bar stroke 41.2 mm
Needle size DP x 5 14#
Diameter of button 8-30 mm
Type of button Flat buttons(4-holed or 2-holed)
Button clamp lift 13 mm
Number of stitches Programmed at discretion
Hook Shuttle hook
Lubrication Manual
Motor 220V 550W Servo motor
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