Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine

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SKU: HLK-2210

HLK-2210 is a Highlead self-developed electronic pattern sewing machine with high accurate digital control system and high efficient direct drive servo motor. Sewing pattern, stitch number and stitch length can be set at discretion within 220mm x 100mm by a programmer (accessory) or by using the USB terimal. It features precise design and reliable driving and is high efficient equipment for bar tacking or decoration sewing in bag, trunk, garment industries.


Highlead HLK-2210
Sewing area 220 mm in X-way,100 mm in Y-way
Max. sewing speed 2500 r.p.m. (stitch length is 3 mm or less)
Speed preset 100 – 2500 r.p.m.at discretion
Stitch length 0.1 – 12.7 mm
Needle bar stroke 41.2 mm
Thread take-up lever stroke 68 mm
Needle size DP x 17 18#
Presser foot lift Outer presser foot (pneumatic) 25 mm mid presser foot 16 mm
Hook Shuttle hook
X-Y Driving mechanism Interim or continuous switch among stepping motors, racks and guide rails
Main motor 220V 550W Servo motor
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