CNC Sewing Unit

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Innovative, exceedingly universal sewing unit for precise quiting procedures for semi-heavy and heavy materials, such as upholstery, airbags, leather, footwear, textile filters, safety belts and special technical textiles.
Advantages are the highest seam quality, high performance and an almost unlimited variety of patterns. Free programmable CNC-sewing unit, which moves the material underneath the X-and Y-direction. In Z-direction liftable sewing head to overcome obstacles; this allows direct path programming.


Highlead GG0028
Technical features
Stationary needle
Free programmable patch control
Stitch type: 1-needle double lockstitch
Liftable sewing head
Automatic templates-identification
Automatic programme identification
Presser foot height is adjustable during the ongoing sewing process
Size of the sewing field 600 x 600 mm (other sizes are available upon request)
Various additional features can be integrated upon request
Sewing speed up to 2.500 r.p.m.
Servo motors for all axes
Low noise and low vibrartion
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