Union Special

Manufacturer of machines for geotextiles, jeans, carpets, bulk bags, tarps, banners, etc.


The following is a listing of second-hand machines that we will generally have in stock for immediate delivery or that we will be able to source upon request. All inventory is subject to prior sale.

  • 38200C 3 needle 40″ arm Sampson machine
  • 35800DR, DQ, DN feed off the arm felling machines
  • 51000G left handed chain lock machines
  • 56300, 56400, 56500 and 56900 one, two and three needle chain lock machines
  • 36200 4 needle 6 thread feed off the arm flat seaming machines
  • 51500BL twin needle with heavy duty puller for tarps
  • 56100 single needle chain lock for burlap bags
  • 80000 series machines for bulk bags